SKYE & CHANG is a drama series that combines flying kung fu kicks with head-spinning global conspiracies. Bodyguards to the glitterati, Skye and Chang may have clients who arrive by private jet to the shiny city of Vancouver, but our heroes’ hearts and homes will always be in Chinatown – where they both grew up. At first, Skye and Chang use superior martial and mental arts to defend the underdogs of their ‘hood, but they soon find they have a greater calling – to save the world.

Series Creator / Writer: Loretta Sarah Todd

Produced by Qube Film

Editor - Television


Documentary Television Series (Discovery Canada, Discovery International, France 5, TV Ontario, Knowledge Network, Canal D)

Ritual human sacrifice, cannibalism, mass burials, underwater graves. Ancient Clues is a science documentary series that reveals new evidence of torturous and bizarre deaths in ancient human remains. Using state-of-the-art medical techniques, scientists probe mummies and bone fragments, disclosing astounding stories of life and death in another time.

Produced by Omni Films

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